Think of how most salons operate: stylists rent salon chairs out for a week’s time, and fill that block of time with whatever clients they have for the week. If the stylist doesn’t have enough clients to work the chair for the entire time he or she has rented the chair, the stylist is paying for something that they aren’t using. They may not even make enough weekly income to recoup the cost of the chair in the first place.


Stylists and salon owners alike have found this business model frustrating, yet it remains the predominant methodology in salons across the United States. Stylists often end up leaving salons or quitting the beauty industry altogether. Larry Cohen, a stylist trained in New York City, has been in the business for more than thirty years, and is all too familiar with the problems inherent in this model. After hearing the concerns of his own stylists, Larry knew there had to be a better way. He reasoned, “Why not just rent chairs by the hour?”


That’s when the Flex Salon Concept was born and Larry prototyped and trademarked the Flex Salon Concept. His salon’s infrastructure was then modified to adapt to the concept, and opened in February, 2010, as the first Flex Salon in the business.


The response has been exceptional – stylists save a tremendous amount by renting only as needed, and the Flex Salon Concept brings an unprecedented level of freedom to the salon industry. The Flex Salon Concept uses a convenient online booking system to allow stylists to schedule as necessary. Our chair rental is a three-hour minimum rental time. The Concept has been so successful that Larry has gone on to open additional Flex Salons. The hourly rate of chair rental varies based on the salons rental system.


If you’re interested in using The Flex Salon Concept either as a stylist or a salon owner, feel free to contact us!