For Salon Owners
The Flex concept is about maximizing the use of your salon chairs in order for you to generate more business and increase revenue.  We do that by filling your empty chairs with Flex Stylists.

The system is simple. Our online calendar allows the stylists to book their own clients and there is no money exchanged between the stylists and salon owner.  All salon owners get paid the first of the month and are only required to furnish backbar and towels to the Flex stylists.


Flex will guide you to a salon where you can book a minimum of 3 hours per block with the ability to add as many additional hours as needed.  Our secure online calendar allows you the stylist to book your appointments up to 1 hour before you work.  All payments through the Flex system are currently made thru PayPal.  As a stylist it is your responsibility to bring all of the materials you need for your clients.  Salons will furnish you with backbar and towels.  Flex allows you the freedom to book a station only when you need it, therefore unless you work you don’t pay.

Flex Concept is devoted to bringing salons and stylists together for a cohesive relationship that benefits the entire industry.

If you’re interested in using The Flex Salon Concept either as a stylist or a salon owner, feel free to contact us!